Evelyn Lin

The 19 year old Chinese born American porn actress Evelyn Lin is known and respected as one of the biggest Asian-American porn talents of the XXX industry in the LA Valley. She already in appeared in around 100 adult scenes. Her fame might be related to her own vivid sexual live as she revealed in a recent article on The Naughty American. The interviewer actually confronted Evelyn Lin with the fact that her father back in China found out about her daughters carreer as she became a famous adult star. Due to the censorship in China it took awhile to get to him, but he was not very enlighted to see his daughter have sex with a lot of different guys on screen. But he showed a lot of understanding and it looks like they both have a lot of respect for each other. He hopes that his wife and Evelyn Lin's mother and other family members will not find about the porn movies. It's kind of hard to imagine that this will work out, but we wish them good luck. If you are interested to see a porn clip with the spiffy Chinese porn diva, check out Mister Chew's Asian Beaver.

Cellphone Kitty

It's awhile ago that I made a sex vacation in Bangkok's red-light district Patpong. I happened to meet this Canadian and a French guy who revealed to me they were shooting porn movies in Thailand. I joined them for a tour through the agogo bars and while crossing the street they greeted one of the sexiest ladies I ever encountered. Her name was Kitty and she was accompanied by a huge guy, a bodybuilder with a mean face. She said to my two friends 'this is the guy who called me last night' and giggled. The bodybuilder seemed to get very angry and looked even meaner and my friends took off and told me to get out of here as fast as possible. Luckily the muscle machine was not very bright. Once we were in a Taxi and on our way to another red-light district they told me that they were shooting Kitty last night for a porn scene on Asian Apple Seed. They were shooting an anal scene with her when her cellphone rang and she answered. It was her boyfriend and he wanted to know where she was as he was waiting for her. It was his birthday. I think he got suspicious when he heard the moaning and the banging noises of a guy's balls hiting Kitty's ass 3 times every second. This story is real and not a fairy tale! Click the image to see sample images of a scene. Kitty is an excellent lay!

Thai Ass Traffic

There are plenty of solo girl sites out on the market, but most of them barely make it as they have very little to offer compared to sites with multiple Asian amateurs. To my best knowledge there is only one real Thai girl solo site on the market that is highly successful: Thainee. This chick became famous because her Thai pussy is as tiny as a SD memory chip card and her hight is ... haha ... you would hardly notice her if she was standing beside you. Now, how tiny do you think her butt hole could be? It must be extremely tight! None the less, Thainee goes one extra step to satisfy her fans and she is scheduled to appear in her very first Thai anal porn scene on Friday 5th December - a big public holiday in Thailand. According to the cameraman who is also her lover on the site she performs anal sex as well as ATM ... I think you may not know what that means. It took me awhile to figure it out as well. ATM means as much as ass-to-mouth. So this horny Thai porn star will perform oral sex on a cock that has just penetrated her ass. Thai girls love chocolate, that is a sure thing :-)

Kina Kai Fetish Asian

Kina Kai is not your next door Asian amateur. She is one of the most recognized Asian-American adult models. Kina has played in countless adult movies and posed for high profile glamour men's magazines. It's about time, she launched her own website. The leggy Asian star Kina is putting her fetishes to work. She loves to pose naked while smoking a cigarette and she got some of the most attractive Asian feet in America. Put her in cotton panties, fishnets, pantyhose or high heels and her legs from her hips to her toes and soles will look more than desirable. She is not the young Asian teen girl like other Asian amateurs, but more like an Asian sex teacher or secretary type of babe who knows how to seduce and introduce into all kinds of sensual desires. A nice change from all the Asian teens if you want to explore Asian erotica of another unusual kind. I bet, she is a bit dominant :-)